My Story:

The big question : WHO AM I?  Well let me tell you the story....

Once upon a time in lively Goa, India, where art and culture danced together in a beautiful rhythm, I was born. Surrounded by a mix of traditions like dance, music, folk songs, visual arts, and folk tales, I fell in love with Tiatr (musical theatrical shows) from a young age.

However, life took an unexpected turn, and at the age of 10, I found myself in London. The vibrant cultural scene of Goa was replaced by grey clouds and freezing cold. The joy of watching Tiatr shows became a distant dream. Trying to fill the gap, I explored drawing and painting, but nothing spoke to me like the theatre did.

In middle school, I got into performing arts and appeared in musicals like Wicked, playing the role of Elphaba. Yet, acting and singing didn't feel like my true calling. I tried piano lessons but gave up, feeling lost. It wasn't until a media class allowed me to write a film that I rediscovered the passion that once burned in my heart.

During A-levels, I drifted away from creative pursuits in pursuit of a stable career. A year into this unfulfilling journey, I realised I couldn't deny my true self any longer. I dropped out and enrolled in a Creative Media diploma, rediscovering my love for filmmaking.

Starting university for film production, I faced discouragement early on, being told I wasn't cut out to be a director. However, this setback fueled personal growth. I spent three years exploring every aspect of film production, trying different roles within the crew. This journey made me appreciate each department and understand the collaborative effort needed to bring stories to life.

Despite finding success in production design, a role I excelled in, my passion for directing never faded. Determined to follow my heart, I continued making short films, drawing inspiration from my experiences. Supported by a dedicated team, my films began making waves in the festival circuit, earning accolades and recognition.

The pinnacle of my journey happened at the Goa Short Film Festival in 2023. Though I didn't win an award, having my film screened in my hometown was a great honour. Standing on that stage, I knew without a doubt that filmmaking was my true path. It kept the child within me alive, experiencing life's joy with the same wonder as I did in my youth.

Persisting with my passion, my short films now grace festivals, earning awards that acknowledge the collective effort of my dedicated team. The journey to becoming an award-winning director has been a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and the unwavering pursuit of a childhood dream. There it is, my story - a blend of cultural roots, personal growth, and the persistent pursuit of creative fulfillment.